Friday, August 5, 2011

Modern Employment Atrocities, Part I

Rich Talk Show Hosts Need to Shut Up About So-Called "Entitlements"

Nearly everywhere, Food Stamps are only electronic. Nobody exchanges them for cash, morons.

Count me among the sick and tired of hearing multi-millionaires like Limbaugh, Hannity and Savage bitch about people on Food Stamps, Unemployment and Welfare. YOU GO THROUGHT IT.

First off, almost nowhere in the US are Food Stamps distributed in "green coupons." It's all electronic. You can't exchange anything for anything. So, like anything else, if you don't know what the BLANK you're talking about....SHUT UP! Nobody anywhere can buy alcohol or drugs with Food Stamps. The Electronic Benefit Card will not allow it. There is a cash account associated with it, so then they may be able to. But NOT FOOD STAMPS.

There are tons of people - literally - who are out of work who don't want to be. Just because someone is on Welfare doesn't mean they want to be. I know several people with college degrees - yes, college degrees, Dr. Savage - who can't find work. Is it because they "aren't applying themselves"? NO. It's because, "WHERE ARE THE JOBS, MORON?!?!?!"

Some people didn't get a silver spoon in their mouth - um, or nose - to get millions a year. Or make millions by bitching about how Affirmative Action cheated you out of a job, when the real reason is you were an A-hole.

The days when you could work for a living by hard work are over. Now there are lazy, large-assed women who are Hiring Managers, or the ever-useless Human Resources Workers who don't bother to read resumes because they might have actual two syllable words in them. Or the On-Line applications that look for key words, and if you don't have them, your entire work history is ignored. Message for Human Resources "Workers": if you can't be bothered to read the applications or resumes, quit so someone who needs and can do the job can actually do it.

And give decent human beings with something to offer the chance to do it.

Copyright 2011 byJ. Aaron Paciulli

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