Friday, August 5, 2011

Modern Employment Atrocities, Part I

Rich Talk Show Hosts Need to Shut Up About So-Called "Entitlements"

Nearly everywhere, Food Stamps are only electronic. Nobody exchanges them for cash, morons.

Count me among the sick and tired of hearing multi-millionaires like Limbaugh, Hannity and Savage bitch about people on Food Stamps, Unemployment and Welfare. YOU GO THROUGHT IT.

First off, almost nowhere in the US are Food Stamps distributed in "green coupons." It's all electronic. You can't exchange anything for anything. So, like anything else, if you don't know what the BLANK you're talking about....SHUT UP! Nobody anywhere can buy alcohol or drugs with Food Stamps. The Electronic Benefit Card will not allow it. There is a cash account associated with it, so then they may be able to. But NOT FOOD STAMPS.

There are tons of people - literally - who are out of work who don't want to be. Just because someone is on Welfare doesn't mean they want to be. I know several people with college degrees - yes, college degrees, Dr. Savage - who can't find work. Is it because they "aren't applying themselves"? NO. It's because, "WHERE ARE THE JOBS, MORON?!?!?!"

Some people didn't get a silver spoon in their mouth - um, or nose - to get millions a year. Or make millions by bitching about how Affirmative Action cheated you out of a job, when the real reason is you were an A-hole.

The days when you could work for a living by hard work are over. Now there are lazy, large-assed women who are Hiring Managers, or the ever-useless Human Resources Workers who don't bother to read resumes because they might have actual two syllable words in them. Or the On-Line applications that look for key words, and if you don't have them, your entire work history is ignored. Message for Human Resources "Workers": if you can't be bothered to read the applications or resumes, quit so someone who needs and can do the job can actually do it.

And give decent human beings with something to offer the chance to do it.

Copyright 2011 byJ. Aaron Paciulli

Thursday, April 28, 2011

With Friends Like These: WND Tries to Soil Another Vital Movement - Trump's Candidacy - by Being Associated With It.

WorldNUTDaily needed to make sure they got credit for passing their so-called "birther" evidence to Donald Trump's people. What they are too naive to realize is that such association, as it did with the Obama eligibility issue, is like getting a job reference from Al Jazeera.

I actually love how both the mostly uneducated Conservative talk radio AND the blatantly leftist media are going after Donald Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I am, at this point, a strong Trump supporter. But I’m loving how these Conservative whores are bashing someone simply because Trump isn’t a cookie-cutter right-wing nutjob…that, and he’s not a politician.

But sometimes it can be worse to endorse someone with policies you believe in. Take as the quintessential example WorldNetDaily, the Internet’s clearinghouse for anti-gay hatred and end-of-the-world chatter. This Fundamentalist Christian hate site has, unfortunately, been in the forefront of the so-called “birther” movement, therefore bestowing upon it the fanatical, religious lunacy. This had the effect of destroying the legitimacy of the “birther” claims, which I still think are valid. The problem is, Joseph Farah’s conspiracy theory, hate mongering site has soiled the credibility of very serious concerns. Also, as of the release of the Obama “birth certificate”, Farah had to take credit for being in contact with Trump with information about Obama’s origins. Now, Farah will soil another extremely important movement by attaching his name and WND to it: Trump’s run for president.

WordNUTDaily will now ridicule Trump’s very necessary run for president by the very whisper of their connection to Trump’s investigations (which, by the way, accomplished more in TWO WEEKS than WND's nutsery did in 2 years). Much like syphilis. Or herpes. Or any other foul pestilence.

Some people need to realize that they are not a help but a hindrance to those that may seem to believe as they do. Having Joseph Farah and WND have any support for you is like having a child molester support you for the Board of Education.

One thing you have to understand about people with zealous religious ideology, or merely a GED or a high-school diploma like Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity is that they only know the polarized idea of “us against them.” If Obama loses in 2012, these special ed folks will have nothing to talk about and no ratings. Further, WorldNUTDaily has a vested interest in ushering in the End of Days so maybe, in a reverse psychology sort of way, they see an Obama 2012 win is a way to do that.

All that aside, the truth is this: if Donald Trump wants to become president he has to a) remain himself, and, b) play dirty. Rudy Giuliani dropped out in the last election because he failed to be himself because his pathetic advisors wanted him to fear the spineless, limp-wristed media. So he had to play nice. Trump is a businessman and this country is DYING. We need a CEO, not a figurehead. Trump is a man who can delegate, yet not be controlled by bootlickers. And it can not have gone unnoticed that Trump has played entirely by his own rules of late, and has accomplished a great deal.

Conservatives don’t like this. Trump doesn’t answer to anyone. We need a CEO who is a SOB. We don’t need another puppet for the short bus with Limbaugh and Hannity. . . or another of Farah’s potential Jim Joneses.

The thing is, among others, this: Trump needs to drop social issues. What I love is how people like Rush Limbaugh – a man of dubious sexuality, at best – actually thinks they have an opinion on gay marriage or abortion. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: THESE ISSUES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUNNING THE COUNTRY.

It is quite telling how all of these people, right and left, are deflecting everything from the real issues. It fascinates me how the media has ignored the eligibility of Obama to even be president – probably the most enormous scandal in the history of this country. Now it is up to a self-made man like Donald Trump to do the work the media should have done in 2008.

And do you think this all is OVER?

Voluntary blindness is more than just a road sign to extinction.

Copyright 2011 by J.Aaron Paciulli

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name: WND is a WMD Against Conservative Victory in 2012

Wacko fundamentalist Christian, anti-gay hatred site World Net Daily has announced it is going to be changing its name. I guess that means something to someone somewhere. But they did say that they will continue their commitment to the “truth”. The “truth” must then be the extermination of gay people and that the world is going to end shortly.

Oh, and anyone that dares criticize Israel is marked for damnation by the “commitment to truth” site. And, to be truthful, I have an enormous respect for Israel, which is a nation with more guts than our United States has when it comes to its own security. But absolutely no one or no thing is beyond criticism.

Which brings me to a point I have made on many occasions: World Net Daily is singularly responsible for the perceived lack of credibility in the vital national concern over President Obama’s eligibility to serve in the Oval Office. Simply due to the overwhelming religious bigotry and archaic moralistic posturing of a supposed news site, the inarguably gigantic Constitutional crisis implied in the fact that Barack Obama will not produce proof he was born in the US has become the object of scorn and ridicule by our completely impotent media.

So a potentially illegal government will never be investigated because those calling the alarm are lunatics.

But, hey, the Christian Al Jazeera is changing its name. How about The Inquisition?

As we tumble toward the inevitable bloodbath that will be the 2012 election, any hope of what’s left of the Conservative movement to overtake Obama is being snuffed out – yet again – by this insane marriage of religion, social issues and politics. Just the other day I was listening to Sean Hannity ask a potential Republican 2012 candidate where he stood on abortion and gay marriage. Who freaking cares?! What does that possibly have to do with running the government? Conservatives stand on the principle of limited government. So just how does that translate into invading the personal lives of their constituents? Shut up, run the government, provide for the national defense and get the hell out of my life!

So, World Net Daily, go ahead and change your name. Come to think of it, Satan has many names, too.

Copyright 2011 by J. Aaron Paciulli

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Apple Shoots Itself in the Foot....Again.

This article will be mercifully brief because I find that verbal lynching is only as effective as the time it takes to kick the chair out from under the topic.

Apple, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ?!?!?!? This “curing gayness” app you just approved had to been the direct result of the OK from a mid-level sycophant with a comb-over and thousands of Big Bang Theory reruns on tape (not DVD). I am the first to defend free speech of any kind, but if you are going to be poisoned by political correctness when it comes to any other minority, that automatically means to apply the same standards to gays. Many may be your superiors at work…or in life in general.

Honestly, Apple, you can’t be that stupid. I realize computer folks are stunted emotionally and socially – much like doctors, professors and other sociopaths – but this just borders on either, a) outright stupidity or, b) a conscious attempt to achieve controversy.

Well done in either case. Bra…………………….Vo.

One last comment before I become physically ill again: Regardless whether homosexuality is a choice or genetic it is absolutely NOBODY’S business but the person dealing with it. NONE.



As a gay man, when a “straight” guy asks me, “Why are you gay?” I always say, “If you had a brain tumor, would you go to a dentist?” Then I leave them to think about it.

Personally I’m shocked that rabid anti-gay, wacko born-again Christian pseudo-news site World Net Daily has not been all over this, accusing the monumental opposition to this app as “the pro-gay agenda persecution of the free market.”

But, then, I realize that even Christo-fascists need a day off.

Copyright 2011 by J. Aaron Paciulli

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Unfortunate Truth Why the Obama Eligibility Movement Remains Grounded

The gigantic disappointment in the very legitimate movement to question Barrack Obama’s eligibility for the Presidency, based on serious doubts about where he was born, rest with those who are the major proponents for such an investigation.

This issue is highly important, unless you are a member of the Supreme Court of the United States. Chief Justice John Roberts fell all over himself to get to the White House after the inauguration to make sure the botched oath of office was done correctly and with the correct number of words. But apparently he felt that was more important than whether the man he delivered the oath to was even eligible to be standing in front of him. Apparently our Supreme Court doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution of the United States. But God forbid they get the order and number of words wrong.

The inherent bitch in all this is that a very vital constitutional dilemma is being ignored, in part, because of the credibility of those who are making the most noise about it. In this case, born-again Christian, end of days, wack-job website World Net Daily has taken this on as an issue, bleeding all credibility from the constitutional crisis within, making genuine doubters afraid to be associated with
fringe lunacy.

World Net Daily each day publishes one or another revelation about this or that person/organization beginning to join the questioners of Obama’s origin. But none of these are heard from again after appearing on this site. Again, one of the most potentially damaging scandals in the history of the Presidency is thwarted by mentally unstable – though sincere – Christo-journalists. The proverbial “shooting yourself in the foot” scenario once again elevates the phenomenon of self-sabotage to an art form.

To add insult to injury, World Net Daily is a ferociously anti-gay website, spewing blatant hatred for homosexuals, regardless of their political views. While WND touts its Conservative ideals, they went out of their way – short of advocating concentration camps – to defame CPAC for allowing gay republican groups to participate. Yet they have no problem with Christian Conservative groups, whose credibility is measurable on the microscopic level. So, WND chooses to violently hate people based on who they love even though they may have access to a large voting base and share most of the same ideals…unless you’re living in the Old Testament. Any reader of the Bible knows Christ said not word one about homosexuals. None.

Note to Joseph Farah: Make sure you don’t eat seafood, wear two different fabrics at the same time, or plant two different crops side by side too. You can’t pick and choose what out of the Bible is convenient to support your pathological hatreds.

So, WND, keep making a vital subject totally inaccessible to rational people with your archaic bigotry, your pining for the end of the world and other bleeding arteries that will forever bury any serious inquiries into what may in fact be an illegal presidency.

WND is the WMD for the legitimate exhumation of our president’s highly suspicious history. Thanks.

Copyright 2011 by J.Aaron Paciulli

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Most Beautiful Men on American TV

Normally, I write about weird stuff. But I needed to, out of pure art, relay my observations of the most wonderful works of male humanity I have witnesses. Why? Frankly I don't feel particularly obliged to give a reason.

That being said, I have been to most all of the famous art museums in Europe and the US. I have seen the Mona Lisa, and the David. The men I am about to show you are equivalent, if not surpassing, the most famous works of the masters.

First would be Alex O'Loughlin, the star of the fantastic - hit it out of the park - remake of Hawaii 5-0. Perfect body, while at the same time possessing a stern manliness and yet a boyish nature. Very very hard to come by.

Next would be, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen: Barrett Foa, from NCIS:Los Angeles, which is probably one of the rare spin-offs that FAR surpass the original. Barrett has the perfect smile and body. Hopefully, he is a sweetheart in real life.

Next is Eric Szmanda from CSI. I have always had a thing for him, and his boyish brilliance is, well, breath-taking.
Jonathan Togo is a favorite of mine from CSI:Miami. Bad boy but completely beautiful. Humble and a great interview. I would also mention that I have a porn link with him in it, but I am too much of an admirer to submit it.

Finally is Matt Bomer, of one of the best TV shows I have ever seen: White Collar. Matt is incredibly hot and does the sociopath stare down to a science.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me. But, like I said, there is such a thing as art without canvas.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Disclosure, Disinformation, Delusion and the DSM-IV

Well, it’s more than 100 days in for the Administration of the Messiah, and no UFO Disclosure. The likes of Stephen Bassett will be crying in their Cap’n Crunch about that, but that’s no surprise. What the advocates for the delusion of disclosure have failed to realize is that they are dealing with a pathological egomaniac in the White House. Do you really think for one minute that Barack Obama would divert attention from himself for one minute to disclose the biggest story of all time?

No, precisely because Obama thinks he is the biggest story of all time.

Why anyone would think that the same criteria used for the original cover-up are different today is beyond astonishing. Nothing has changed! This society is still as fragile as it ever was, and the United States government is still completely impotent to stop whatever our off-world visitors are up to.

Exactly the same as 50 years ago.

Let me put it bluntly: You cannot be a student of these events and phenomena without being a student of sociology and psychology. And to not understand the psychology of power and the narcissism of those who seek it is being voluntarily na├»ve. But, then, the same principle applies to those in the UFO “community”.

Perhaps even more so.

I read last month with some glee that Project Camelot is having financial problems. Project Camelot, for those of you who have better things to do, is a website that supports the work of so-called “whistleblowers”, supposedly from top secret projects and the like. The problem, of course, is things that are supposedly “above top secret” can’t be verified. So any nutjob can say what he wants. Dan Burisch is my favorite example of a completely delusional wack-job, with multiple last names and an unverifiable doctorate degree. And there are others – Bill Deagle, Benjamin Fulford and the completely debunked Gordon Novel – that seemingly outnumber the actually credible personalities like Richard Hoagland, John Lear and the fascinating Bob Dean.

But this is the club foot of the UFO movement: people making claims about belonging to “above top secret” projects, saying they are speaking out for the first time, yet not being able to verify anything. The folks that run the Project Camelot site have an idea of “verification” that simply means they found someone else that says something similar. That isn’t verification. That’s merely someone who concurs.

So my only meter of credibility comes from people who are actual witnesses to
unusual events, not those claiming to have belonged to top secret groups. This is getting old. Conversely, Richard Dolan has written some amazing material on the UFO phenomenon and the National Security system of the United States. Now this is someone who looks at societal mechanisms that deal with the unknown – or not deal, as is plainly evident. But this seems to get ignored among the tidal wave of nutsery.

Anyway, this is all “sound and fury”. It’s often hard to critique something that is considered illegitimate by much of the mainstream. Such is the UFO movement. But the reason I do it is because the tide of events in the world are changing and if what some of us know to be an ultimate truth is not scrutinized the potential for intellectual and philosophical chaos is daunting. And this is not a subject for the unstable. There are those who are suffering with experiences at the edge of reality who are being spiritually raped by charlatans whose mental issues surpass the entirety of the DSM-IV.

UFO organizations need to stop their paranoia about who may be infiltrating them from without and see who is rotting them from within. Critical thinking and forensic reasoning need to apply at all times.

Until then shooting one’s self in the foot will continue to be entirely acceptable.

Copyright 2009 by J. Aaron Paciulli