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INTERVIEW With Mr. Lawrence P. Mead, 10/08

[The following is an interview – done in October 08 – with a Mr. Lawrence P. Mead. Mr. Mead contacted me through reading something I had written a while ago, under a pseudonym, saying that he had some "points of clarification" he wished to discuss. After some prolonged back and forth via a friend of mine in the intelligence community, I was able to actually sit down with Mr. Mead for what was to prove a rather interesting discussion. See if you agree.]

JAP: First let me say it´s good to finally snag you for a sit-down.

LPM: Yes, it was kind of a trying process. I hope it will be worth it.

JAP: Why don´t you start by telling us a little about your background? This will undoubtedly help those reading to get some idea of why it is you sought me out.

LPM: Well, in short, my advanced degree in engineering put me in a unique position in the late 50´s and early 60´s to be tapped for what I guess you would call a "reverse engineering" program with what I was led to believe was the Department of Defense, though they didn´t call themselves that at the time.

JAP: What did they call themselves, actually?

LPM: Dave.

JAP: And that stands for..?

LPM: Nothing I´m aware of.

JAP: I see.

LPM: Shall I continue?

JAP: Please.

LPM: Well, after some prolonged interviews – which were more like discussions, or "feeling out" sessions – all of which took place in this kind of underground, tiled room with the sounds of what appeared to be toilets flushing going off every few minutes, I was given an address to report to the following Tuesday, I believe.

JAP: When was this?

LPM: I think it was August of 1958. Yes, that´s it.

JAP: Did they tell you why they were so interested in you particularly?

LPM: Not in so many words, but it had to do with two things, I think: One is that something happened in 1957 – a crash or something – and had just begun working on items they had retrieved from it. The second was that no one had ever heard of me.

JAP: Was this the crash of an Unidentified Flying Object?

LPM: They didn´t say so at the time, but later I discovered that, yes, that is in fact what it was.

JAP: Did you see this craft at any time?

LPM: Yes, under very bizarre circumstances.

JAP: Explain, please.

LPM: Well, I wandered into this hangar like room – they called it the "Micro Hangar", I think – and there was this large, husky man standing next to this disk, which was about10 feet in diameter, I would estimate. Quite naturally, I asked him if that was a flying saucer – which is very seriously what they were called at the time – and he smiled and said, "Do you want to see inside?" Of course I said "Sure." At this point he smiled and turned around, grabbed a chainsaw and sheared off a piece of it.

JAP: He what?

LPM: Yes. He started to laugh and point inside the hole, when a uniformed man came in, apologized profusely to me and shot the man in the head.

JAP: Just shot him?

LPM: That was it. I then asked the uniformed chap where the lavatory was and he pointed to a door with a wheel in the middle of it, like on a submarine.

JAP: And did you use this lavatory?

LPM: Well, after what I had just witnessed it was a bit late for that, if you catch my meaning.

JAP: I see.

LPM: So I went to one of the base stores to get a new pair of pants.

JAP: There were quartermasters there?

LPM: No, retail stores.

JAP: On a classified installation?

LPM: Yes. I believe I went to Chess King.

JAP: But, surely, Chess King didn´t arise until the 1970´s.

LPM: Well, this was a reverse engineering facility, so we had access to things that the general public would not otherwise see for quite some time.

JAP: I´m sorry, but are you saying that Chess King, the retail-clothing store, was reverse engineered from extraterrestrial artifacts?

LPM: I probably shouldn´t say.

JAP: I see.

LPM: Yes.


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