Friday, March 11, 2011

The Unfortunate Truth Why the Obama Eligibility Movement Remains Grounded

The gigantic disappointment in the very legitimate movement to question Barrack Obama’s eligibility for the Presidency, based on serious doubts about where he was born, rest with those who are the major proponents for such an investigation.

This issue is highly important, unless you are a member of the Supreme Court of the United States. Chief Justice John Roberts fell all over himself to get to the White House after the inauguration to make sure the botched oath of office was done correctly and with the correct number of words. But apparently he felt that was more important than whether the man he delivered the oath to was even eligible to be standing in front of him. Apparently our Supreme Court doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution of the United States. But God forbid they get the order and number of words wrong.

The inherent bitch in all this is that a very vital constitutional dilemma is being ignored, in part, because of the credibility of those who are making the most noise about it. In this case, born-again Christian, end of days, wack-job website World Net Daily has taken this on as an issue, bleeding all credibility from the constitutional crisis within, making genuine doubters afraid to be associated with
fringe lunacy.

World Net Daily each day publishes one or another revelation about this or that person/organization beginning to join the questioners of Obama’s origin. But none of these are heard from again after appearing on this site. Again, one of the most potentially damaging scandals in the history of the Presidency is thwarted by mentally unstable – though sincere – Christo-journalists. The proverbial “shooting yourself in the foot” scenario once again elevates the phenomenon of self-sabotage to an art form.

To add insult to injury, World Net Daily is a ferociously anti-gay website, spewing blatant hatred for homosexuals, regardless of their political views. While WND touts its Conservative ideals, they went out of their way – short of advocating concentration camps – to defame CPAC for allowing gay republican groups to participate. Yet they have no problem with Christian Conservative groups, whose credibility is measurable on the microscopic level. So, WND chooses to violently hate people based on who they love even though they may have access to a large voting base and share most of the same ideals…unless you’re living in the Old Testament. Any reader of the Bible knows Christ said not word one about homosexuals. None.

Note to Joseph Farah: Make sure you don’t eat seafood, wear two different fabrics at the same time, or plant two different crops side by side too. You can’t pick and choose what out of the Bible is convenient to support your pathological hatreds.

So, WND, keep making a vital subject totally inaccessible to rational people with your archaic bigotry, your pining for the end of the world and other bleeding arteries that will forever bury any serious inquiries into what may in fact be an illegal presidency.

WND is the WMD for the legitimate exhumation of our president’s highly suspicious history. Thanks.

Copyright 2011 by J.Aaron Paciulli

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