Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Apple Shoots Itself in the Foot....Again.

This article will be mercifully brief because I find that verbal lynching is only as effective as the time it takes to kick the chair out from under the topic.

Apple, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ?!?!?!? This “curing gayness” app you just approved had to been the direct result of the OK from a mid-level sycophant with a comb-over and thousands of Big Bang Theory reruns on tape (not DVD). I am the first to defend free speech of any kind, but if you are going to be poisoned by political correctness when it comes to any other minority, that automatically means to apply the same standards to gays. Many may be your superiors at work…or in life in general.

Honestly, Apple, you can’t be that stupid. I realize computer folks are stunted emotionally and socially – much like doctors, professors and other sociopaths – but this just borders on either, a) outright stupidity or, b) a conscious attempt to achieve controversy.

Well done in either case. Bra…………………….Vo.

One last comment before I become physically ill again: Regardless whether homosexuality is a choice or genetic it is absolutely NOBODY’S business but the person dealing with it. NONE.



As a gay man, when a “straight” guy asks me, “Why are you gay?” I always say, “If you had a brain tumor, would you go to a dentist?” Then I leave them to think about it.

Personally I’m shocked that rabid anti-gay, wacko born-again Christian pseudo-news site World Net Daily has not been all over this, accusing the monumental opposition to this app as “the pro-gay agenda persecution of the free market.”

But, then, I realize that even Christo-fascists need a day off.

Copyright 2011 by J. Aaron Paciulli

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