Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name: WND is a WMD Against Conservative Victory in 2012

Wacko fundamentalist Christian, anti-gay hatred site World Net Daily has announced it is going to be changing its name. I guess that means something to someone somewhere. But they did say that they will continue their commitment to the “truth”. The “truth” must then be the extermination of gay people and that the world is going to end shortly.

Oh, and anyone that dares criticize Israel is marked for damnation by the “commitment to truth” site. And, to be truthful, I have an enormous respect for Israel, which is a nation with more guts than our United States has when it comes to its own security. But absolutely no one or no thing is beyond criticism.

Which brings me to a point I have made on many occasions: World Net Daily is singularly responsible for the perceived lack of credibility in the vital national concern over President Obama’s eligibility to serve in the Oval Office. Simply due to the overwhelming religious bigotry and archaic moralistic posturing of a supposed news site, the inarguably gigantic Constitutional crisis implied in the fact that Barack Obama will not produce proof he was born in the US has become the object of scorn and ridicule by our completely impotent media.

So a potentially illegal government will never be investigated because those calling the alarm are lunatics.

But, hey, the Christian Al Jazeera is changing its name. How about The Inquisition?

As we tumble toward the inevitable bloodbath that will be the 2012 election, any hope of what’s left of the Conservative movement to overtake Obama is being snuffed out – yet again – by this insane marriage of religion, social issues and politics. Just the other day I was listening to Sean Hannity ask a potential Republican 2012 candidate where he stood on abortion and gay marriage. Who freaking cares?! What does that possibly have to do with running the government? Conservatives stand on the principle of limited government. So just how does that translate into invading the personal lives of their constituents? Shut up, run the government, provide for the national defense and get the hell out of my life!

So, World Net Daily, go ahead and change your name. Come to think of it, Satan has many names, too.

Copyright 2011 by J. Aaron Paciulli

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